Monday, July 31, 2006

Big Love

I really can't stand Nicki! Like, really really. I'm not really a fan of Chloe Sevigny, so I was a bit against the character from the very start, but she is actually horrible! She's a conniving, vindictive little cow!

Min? Danielle? I'm not alone in this, am I?


Lolly said...

I am very sad because I do not get the channel that airs Big Love, and thus I've never seen it.

But I totally hate Chloe Sevigny, so I'll agree with you anyway.


Min said...

How far along in the series are you?

(That isn't a spoiler, by the way. I just don't want to say ANYTHING until I know what you've seen. Last week I finished the season.)

Eileen said...
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Amanda said...

I just found out my best friends have ordered HBO. My first response was "Can I come over and watch Big Love On Demand?"

Delle said...

Annoyingly, I forgot to watch the last two episodes of the series (this comes of being pregnant - I forget everything I don't write down). But I would agree with the lack of Nikki love, and I didn't even dislike Chloe Sevigny beforehand. I really feel that she's the one who is least willing to adapt for their family, but then again, given her father, I do occasionally feel slight sympathy for her.

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