Wednesday, August 09, 2006

12 of 12 (but not!)

I was going to do one of those 12 of 12 posts, but Blogger is being all funny with me and not letting me load all of the photos. (I know, I know, it's supposed to be done on the 12th, but I missed that bit in Helen's post when I decided to do it yesterday. Yes, it took me two times reading it for that to register, despite it being the point of her post. I'm thick, so sue me!) Which is fine, because it was turning out to be a really boring post, and I was just using it as an excuse to tell you something anyway. So I'm just going to tell you the normal way.

I sat my theory test for driving yesterday.

I passed! Woo!


Jazz said...

Woop woop!

Jess said...

One step closer to manic vrooming! You rule!

Helen said...

Excellent about the theory test!

I didn't originally realise it was on the 12th we do this. In my defence, I heard about it from an Alias friend, and saw it in her Blog. So I knew it was 12 photos of your day.

But I didn't click the link she'd given to Chad's Blog, and I didn't notice the Blog entry was on the 12th June.

Although as it's a Saturday this time, I can hopefully have a more interesting 12 of 12 (a work day would end up with photos of my desk etc!).

I've got photo upload problems, but (for a change) not with Blogger - I made my Photobucket account read only, so now I ahve to use a second Photobucket account I'd made.

CosmicAvatar said...


Min said...

Excellent! :-)

Amy said...

Hooray for driving!!

Or being able to drive.


Simon said...

Excellent! This is all good.