Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Don't Trust It!

My water was due to be switched off at 8am this morning, and for the next three mornings, for "essential engineering works". It's still on.

Building work was supposed to be starting in my house at 8am this morning, to add a fifth flat to the loft space. I got a letter today saying it had been postponed to mid October.

Two things that were going to interrupt studying for my exams on Monday, suddenly disappearing? Call me paranoid, but I don't trust it. Something else is going to go wrong, and this time I won't be expecting it! A nice little power cut the night before my exams, maybe?

In other news, Kieran started nursery yesterday. Where is the time going? My sister said that, despite her being worried about him being clingy, he was fine. In fact, he couldn't run away from her to the toys quickly enough. And she was fine too. She didn't get emotional. Much!


Leone said...

Ohhh.... our water stopped working in the kitchen- then Jim FIXED it! Maybe you need a Jim. He's also really good at breakfast and walks to the yarn store. Oh, and apparently he makes my sister quite happy.

CosmicAvatar said...

Weeiiiird. Still, if the studying looks to be uninterrupted (so far), then it's all good, right?

Delle said...

I'm glad Kieran started nursery so well.Its a pin when they don't.

I keep going back to Leone's comment and giggling. I wonder if he was wearing lots of chunky gold jewellery and holding a big cigar whilst fixing things? (There was a British children's show called Jim'll Fix It where said Jim made children's dreams come true)

Your letter is only the start of it...

Simon said...

I hope Kieran has a great time and makes lots of friends.

Good luck for exams!