Monday, September 11, 2006

House Season 2

My lovely, lovely boxset arrived on Friday! Joy! I probably would have finished it by now, but I had plans to go away for the weekend. As it is, I've only just started the second disc, but I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm enjoying it even more because I can watch it guilt-free, without the worry of studying looming over me.

A couple of observations:

~ It's very funny. I have laughed out loud at several things, and I don't tend to laugh out loud when I'm watching TV on my own.

~ I can't say that I really like any of the three underlings, Chase, Cameron or Foreman. Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly dislike any of them (even Chase, which is more than can be said for him in season 1). There are times when I really like their storyline or something they've done. But there are too many times I don't. I think the ratio of me liking them to not liking them is about 50/50, whereas I tend to like House, Cuddy and Wilson a lot more often. Especially Wilson! :P

But my opinion of them in comparison to season 1, Foreman is pretty much the same, Cameron has gone down, and Chase has gone up. So I guess Chase is doing better than any of them.

~ It's not as formulaic as season 1. And some of their patients are actually dying! Much more realistic.

~ Is it just me, or would anyone else love to see Stephen Fry as a guest? I had it in my head a while ago that this was actually happening, but couldn't find anything about it, so concluded I'd just made it up. But ever since, I've been thinking about it and would love it to actually happen!


Lorelei said...

I've only seen (most of?) season one, but I really feel the same way about the "underlings".

And that is all I have to say, amazingly enough. ;-)

CosmicAvatar said...

Hooray! So glad you're enjoying S2.

Simon and I (and possibly, the rest of Ver Lads) have discussed the very issue of Stephen Fry guest-starring and I believe the conclusion was a massive "Yes, he really should do it!" We live in hope.

Katy said...

I am ashamed to say I have never watched 'House', although I'm sure I'd love it. But I do share your excitement and new and shiny dvds arriving in the post! It means I have a night of duvet-snuggling, chocolate drinking bliss ahead!

Anonymous said...

Needless to say, I disagree with you about the ducklings. Especially Chase. ;)

But I agree with everything else - especially the Stephen Fry! :D

-Cazzle xxx

Jess said...

Stephen Fry! Great idea! I would fight Heath when he tried to delete that episode off the TiVo.

Simon said...

I'm with Amanda - I'm sure I said somewhere on the WD that I was really hopeful that Stephen Fry would turn up.

I also want there to be more done with House's underlings (TWoP calls them the "Cottages" - little Houses, I think) too!

Anonymous said...

also want there to be more done with House's underlings (TWoP calls them the "Cottages" - little Houses, I think) too!
I like both! I use "Cottages" and "ducklings" interchangably.
-Cazzle xx

Anonymous said...

Heee...well title this miscellaneous comments.

1) Has anything "Wicked" your way come yet and if so, was our favorite Elphaba playing the role!

2) You must be a genius...I don't even comprehend the titles of your classes/exams much less taken them and understood the content. In other words, numbers and I don't get along very well.

3) I was so sorry to read about your dog. We are big pet lovers in our family and I know just what special family members they really are.

4) Love the hair. Would love to see the face sometime too...preferably in person.

Miss you.